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Tracks Train Set Game

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Taking inspiration from wooden toy trains, the video game has the player build train tracks out of wood,[3] and then decorate them with miscellaneous objects.[4] The game has both day and night modes.[5]

Internet personalities Matthew Watson and Ryan Magee from the YouTube channel SuperMega praised the game for the amount of content and customization options, as well as for being nostalgic and relaxing.[14]

Build the train sets of your childhood dreams with an easy-to-use editor. Just indicate where you want to build and Tracks does all the hard work for you, effortlessly mapping out turns, junctions and crossings under your command.

We are currently researching Steam Workshop support so players can share their tracks with other players online. We will update this section once we have a good idea of the functionality available after a few tests!

In sandbox mode you choose from only a few different areas which allows you to create your train track around different environments, like a bedroom or living room. It would be nice to have more areas to choose from, however, you can start with a blank canvas and let your imagination run wild.

The graphics are pleasant and colourful and the colour palette used gives the game a retro feel. You have the ability to customize your train and the environment, for example, by making it snow and covering the train in pretty colours.

At first it seems that you can only view your train going around the track in 1st person, however, I found that you can go back to build mode after setting the train in motion at your desired speed. Moving around the track and watching your train at high speed is much more fun.

Tracks is simple pick up and play game and if you have kids who love trains this is something they may enjoy. I still prefer playing with the real thing with my son but if you want to get your creative juices flowing and love trains this is a no-brainer for you.

The controls are counterintuitive to me because rotate only goes one way but I have two buttons to place objects. Right stick rotates the camera but raising and lowering the camera is done with the d-pad, but that also changes elevation on track pieces. Sometimes when placing tracks, the game would fight me a bit on what piece is coming next or how two pieces should join but I excuse that because of how complex and intertwined the tracks can get. For a game that gives off the air of a relaxing creative experience I found myself getting perturbed at the game for not doing what I wanted.

The additions of things like crossroads, jumps, and fairly intuitive track joins seems like the icing on the top but it actually integral to gameplay. In a game so relaxing, limitations and frustrations would just ruin the whole thing. But Tracks: The Train Set Game goes out of its way to let you do what you want.

If this Tracks: The Train Set Game review got you interested in this charming title, make sure to check it out on Steam. The game even has a couple of add-ons and DLC to bring your experience up a few levels.

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Embark on the ultimate high speed wooden train adventure! Relive your childhood need to build as you construct immense, gravity defying railways that let you play with physics to your hearts content. That's not all, once you've finished building magnificent your monstrosities, you can ride your very own creations and experience exciting thrills or disastrous doom. Build, create, and ride your way through a thrilling adventure.

From sprawling green countryside to desert towns, and atmospheric foggy industry sites to vibrant circus setups, countless options await you and your train set. Let your imagination thrive and build the toy train set of your dreams.

Start with a pre-made environment, be it a modern lounge or a night time Win

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