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Springy FX V1.0

Springy FX V1.0 =====

If the Selected coating has some consequences generated using all the Springy FX toolset, you also may add different ones in addition to these: their own controls (sliders) will be on exactly the same"Spring limit CTRL" coating than previously. Thus, it's very important to remember that every layer that you would like some springy results on these, will possess their very own exceptional CTRL coating, with exactly the identical prefix.

The Custom effect is the most advanced tool : it will allow you to create this nice springy motion on any numeric single dimension property (multiple dimensions properties like position, special types of values like dropdown lists, color can't be handled by the tool) as soon as your selected property belongs to an effect (transform, masks, geometry and other group's properties won't work neither), based on the keyframed motion on the layer of your choice (you'll have to choose on which axis you want your custom effect to be based on).The Custom effect can even be used to create unseen secondary motion on a plugin effect's property such as Element 3D or Joystick' n ' sliders.The possibilities are endless !

If the selected layer has already some effects created with the Springy FX toolset, you can add other ones on top of them : their controls (sliders) will then be available on the same "Spring constraint CTRL" layer than before. So, it's important to keep in mind that each layer you want to have some springy effects on them, will have their own unique CTRL layer, with the same prefix.

In addition to this first effect, each deformer or constraint applied to the selected layer will have its own "Max" slider controls, for each axis, on the corresponding "Spring Constraint CTRL" layer as well.So, for example, if you apply a Bend deformer on a layer called "Red Solid 1" that moves on its position, you'll find a "Bend X Max" and a "Bend Y Max" on the corresponding CTRL layer (in our case, it would be called "Red Solid 1 - Spring Constraint CTRL"), that will allow you to tweak the bend intensity for both X and Y axis independently.And if you want to add another springy effect on top of that, let say a Twist deformer based on your layer's animated rotation, simply select the layer ("Red Solid 1" in our case) and click on the Twist button. A "Twist" effect will be added to the layer, and a new "Twist Max" angle control will be stacked below the bend controls on the same "Red Solid 1 - Spring Constraint CTRL" layer.Note that the Liquid deformer is a bit different from the other tools, since it can react to the motion from both the position and the rotation ;Moreover you can select a second layer in addition to the first one. The first selected layer will then receive a bunch of distort effects to make it behave like some liquid (TIP : you can press the SHIFT key while clicking on the Liquid effect button, and you'll end up with a nice bubbling effect onto your layer !). Your second selected layer will be your container. It will be automatically duplicated and arranged so that one of them becomes an alpha matte for the liquid... Which is really handy to fill up a wide variety of containers like bottles, glass, cans, barrels... Just animate the liquid layer and see the magic happen !

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