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Sonic Mega Collection Plus [Xbox Classic]

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Whether you'll be playing Sonic Mega Collection Plus on a PS2 or on an Xbox, you'll be treated to emulation that's virtually indiscernible from the original games running on the original hardware. For $19.99, Sega's offering a lot of cobalt blue for the buck, and those with a "need for speed" will certainly enjoy having this collection of classics on a single disc.

Sonic has been around for a long time and most of his classic games are present in this great compilation. With a ton of extra games and content in a well presented package, it is definitely worth tracking down a copy of this retro Sonic collection.

Following on from the release of Sonic Heroes on PC on November 26th, SEGA Europe will release Sonic Mega Collection Plus, a collection of the best classic Sonic The Hedgehog games from the Mega Drive and GameGear era.

Now, however, we know that a year of the service with be $19.99USD, or carry higher rates for shorter-term deals. The key, though, is that subscribers will have ongoing access to 'a compilation of classic titles' that they can download and hang onto for as long as they're paying into the service. Three NES games were confirmed initially, (Super Mario Bros. 3, Balloon Fight and Dr. Mario) but the collection will surely grow.

The initial plan was obviously to disappoint players so they'd get hyperbolic about the new plan. It's classic marketing technique! The key is whether Nintendo deliver. They'd need almost the entire NES Mini collection to start with, and then keep building on that. 59ce067264

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