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Teen Sluts Library


Teen Sluts Library

Fifteen-year-old Mercy Wong is determined to break from poverty in Chinatown, and she gains admittance to a prestigious finishing school through a mix of cunning and bribery. She soon discovers that getting in was the easiest part, and must carve a niche among the spoiled heiresses. When the earthquake strikes on April 18, Mercy and her classmates are forced to a survivor encampment, but her quick-witted leadership rallies them to help in the tragedy's aftermath.

With stories written by various popular YA authors such as Marie Lu and Marissa Meyer, this collection follows fifteen extraordinary American women, from the 18th century colonial world of pirates and new discoveries to the tumultuous 1960s.

Two teenage girls - one of them Chinese American, the other African American - on the run from the law disguise themselves as boys and set out on the Oregon Trail in this tale of adventure and friendship set during the Gold Rush.

Teen Librarian Toolbox (TLT) is a professional development website for teen librarians, created by Karen Jensen and collecting the experience of four MLS librarians and over 50 collective years of library work. Our mission is to to help libraries serving teens (and anyone who cares about teens) and to foster a community of professional development and resource sharing by providing quality information, discussions, book reviews and more. We welcome guest posts and our book review policy can be found here. We are available for presentations, seminars, and consulting on a limited basis. Contact us for more information.

The mission of TLT is to equip teen librarians with the tools they need to successfully serve the teen audience, one of which is of course books. I am happy to receive ARCs (physical copies or e-books) from publishers or authors that help us fulfill this mission. We endeavor to

It was at the library not too long ago. Unbeknownst to the librarian, who was busy burying her nose in a book (heh, reading in a library. Who knew), I was on the internet viewing some rather graphic material that would normally not be permitted in a public area. It was virtually deserted save for the librarian and myself, and I was just in the middle of enjoying some hardcore porn on the 'Net and being cautious enough not to get caught. Everything seemed as perfectly in order as one might expect. Then she showed up.

It was too late to do anything about it by the time she sat down at the terminal next to me. It wasn't the librarian, but it was a very young, very hot teenaged girl who plopped down on the chair and began surfing the 'Net. She was quite attractive for a girl her age, and I must say rather seductively dressed. She had flawless olive skin, brown eyes and hair and pouty lips. She was wearing arose-colored, sleeveless top with one shoulder strap, which complemented her maturity quite well. She also wore tight black slacks and platform shoes.

Upon first glimpse of her, I felt a curious combination of fear she would see what I was looking at and tell the librarian and I felt my already stiffening member become hard as a rock in my trousers. She couldn't have been older than fourteen or fifteen, but she looked so good at that stage. I longed to kiss those full lips, peel off her clothes and grope her average-sized, but fine-shaped tits. I so wanted to see her young, damp cunt and play with her clit until she came over and over again. I wanted to watch her looking up at me as she took my swollen head in her tiny mouth. If I could, I'd give her the best fuck any girl her age ever could've had.

I forced these thoughts away, trying to regain my composure. She was a teen, for crying out loud! I shouldn't have been looking at girls that age, much less thinking about how good it would be to fuck them nice and hard. Girls that age shouldn't dress like that, I thought. Girls that age shouldn't show off their tits or their asses with such revealing clothes, even if they do look good for their age

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