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300 115 SWITCH Lab

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300 115 SWITCH Lab

My name is Patris Koushesh. More than 15 years experience on network and security is behind me . I really eager learning and teaching new things. Cisco and Juniper are my two favorite brands and I was lucky enough to work with a broad range of their products from switches, routers, firewalls and etc. Now I am working for ICT organization of my city's municipality as a security operations center manager. In my courses I try to transfer all my knowledge to students and motivate them to learn more. We all know that in third century knowledge is power and sharing it is our duty.

This course teaches students how to implement, monitor, and maintain switching in converged enterprise campus networks. Students will learn how to plan, configure, and verify the implementation of complex enterprise switching solutions. The course also covers the secure integration of VLANs, WLANs, voice, and video into campus networks. Comprehensive labs emphasize hands-on learning and practice to reinforce configuration skills.

PHYS 335 Advanced Laboratory: Digital Electronics (3) NScPrinciples of digital electronics: switching circuits, logic gates and sequential logic, memory, analog/digital conversion, microprocessor operation and programming. Prerequisite: a minimum grade of 2.0 in PHYS 334. Offered: Sp.View course details in MyPlan: PHYS 335

PHYS 530 Laser Physics (4)Physics underlying laser design and operation in the context of common laboratory systems. Topics may include continuous and pulsed lasers; solid, liquid, and gas gain media; Q-switching, mode-locking, resonator theory, nonlinear optics, and others. Prerequisite: basic quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, and optics.View course details in MyPlan: PHYS 530

g.a.spanning-tree mst 0 root secondaryb.spanning-tree mst 1 root secondaryc.spanning-tree mst 2 root primaryh.spanning-tree mode mst3.vlan dot1q tag native4.switchport trunk native vlan 9995.switchport trunk allowed vlan 10, 20, 30, 40

statement 1:vlan 10,20,30,40statement 2:spanning-tree mst configurationstatement 3:name rstutstatement 4:name rstutstatement 5:instance 1 vlan 10 , 20statement 6:instance 2 vlan 30 , 40statement 7:spanning-tree mst 0 root primarystatement 8:spanning-tree mst 1 root primarystatement 9:spanning-tree mst 2 root secondarystatement 10:spanning-tree mst 0 root secondarystatement 11:spanning-tree mst 1 root secondarystatement 12:spanning-tree mst 2 root primarystatement 13:spanning-tree mode mststatement 14:vlan dot1q tag nativestatement 15:switchport trunk native vlan 999statement 16:switchport trunk allowed vlan 10, 20, 30, 40

CompanyX is a small shipping company that has an existing enterprise network comprised of 2 switches;DSW1 and ASW1. The topology diagram indicates their layer 2 mapping. VLAN 40 is a new VLAN that will be used to provide the shipping personnel access to the server. For security reasons, it is necessary to restrict access to VLAN 20 in the following manner:

The Radius server and application servers will be installed at a future date. You have been tasked with implementing the above access control as a pre-condition to installing the servers. You must use the available IOS switch features.

CCNP 300-115 Switch training includes advanced switching videos (clarified and illustrated) that will benefit you in preparing for the CCNP certification exam. This course will help you develop more about the switches and prepare you for the Cisco CCNP certification exam. Educational training videos are supported with step-by-step configuration examples so you can easily understand topics and you can be a network professional!

So, what exactly sets the CCNA and CCNP apart Well, the main difference is in the focus of the exams. The CCNA exam covers a broad range of topics, including IP addressing, routing protocols, switching, security, and more. The CCNP exam, on the other hand, is much more specific and focuses primarily on Cisco routers and switches.

Additionally, the CCNA

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