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Hard Boiled Wonderland And The End Of The World Epub 52 Fix

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Hard Boiled Wonderland And The End Of The World Epub 52 Fix

one reporter in a crowd of reporters can be seen walking across the street. a pistol is stuck in his belt. the streets are empty. a bullet could strike any second. or a sniper. or a grenade. or a bomb. or in a city in a country in a region somewhere in the world, a suicide bomber. the journalist covers his head with a baseball cap. he walks calmly. a hand reaches down from above and shoves him from behind. the ground is littered with the bodies of journalists. it is not a joke. hundreds are murdered every month by an even greater number of assassins. it is an ongoing world war. it has been for 30 years. and this war is not a line on a map, a boundary on a desert, a city square or a warring tribe. it is everywhere. it is not only a matter of politics, religion, and race, but of the heart, the soul, and the family. it is about survival. it is about sharing that same danger. and it is about learning to live in that danger every day without fear. that is the most basic journalism.

the violence that takes place on the front line is just one manifestation of a war raging within. no longer is it a matter of two armies confronting one another. it has become a matter of two nations fighting within their own society. in the 20th century, this war took place in cities, in the countryside, among urban families, and on campuses. it was waged in the air, in the sea, on the land, and beneath the earth. it was waged in secret operations, in the outrages of the police, and in the words of politicians. it was waged in radio, television, and the web. it was a war of ideas. and the carnage around the world continues to mount. the damage done to the world by this war is incalculable. the daily battles for survival have wrecked economies, created unimaginable suffering, decimated living conditions, paralyzed entire nations, and discredited the ideology that spawned this war. 3d9ccd7d82

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