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The Firm Episode 1

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The Firm Episode 1

The 2012 television show picks up on the story of Mitchell Y. McDeere and his family ten years after the fictional setting of the 1991 novel and 1993 film.[1][5] In the original film and book, McDeere helped topple the Memphis law firm of Bendini, Lambert & Locke that protected a Chicago organized crime syndicate,[6] resulting in mob convictions.[7] When the Chicago mob boss dies in prison, the McDeeres emerge from witness protection to start their new life.[8] The television adaptation attempts to remain true to the conspiracy element of its predecessors.[9] Once McDeere is out of witness protection and building a new law firm, Kinross & Clark, a shady law firm, pushes to acquire McDeere's.[6] Since the McDeeres are strapped for cash, he is tempted by the business prospects of the mysterious firm.[8] Although McDeere's law firm is considered scrappy,[9] he has become leery of being watched, which makes focusing on his job difficult.[6] McDeere has a ten-year-old daughter Claire (Natasha Calis) and he begins the remaking of his career in the Washington Metropolitan Area.[10] Mitch's brother and his brother's girlfriend work for his upstart law firm,[10] which works out of a tiny former travel agency office.[11] The first season revolves around a conspiracy and Kinross & Clark's interest in a McDeere client accused of murder.[10] Throughout the season, the deceased mob boss' son contemplates seeking revenge on Mitch who was a cause of his father's prison term.[7]

The concept of bringing these characters to television had been in the works for a few years with CBS having formerly been the expected network.[19] Reiter conceived the recreation of the series 10 years into the future and proposed it to Grisham.[10][8] Grisham oversaw the first three or four episode scripts and then became confident with its development.[10]

Sony Pictures Television ordered 22 episodes of the show from Entertainment One Television in late April 2011 for broadcast on their AXN stations in 125 markets outside of Canada and the U.S.[20] Shortly thereafter, NBC and Shaw Media confirmed that they had acquired broadcast rights in the U.S. and Canada respectively.[21] The show's 22 episode order was the largest of any of NBC's newly picked up shows.[22]

On June 8, 2011, it was announced that Josh Lucas had been cast in the lead role of Mitch McDeere.[25] On July 12, Entertainment One announced the casting of Callum Keith Rennie as Ray McDeere and Juliette Lewis as Tammy.[16] The addition of Molly Parker as Abby McDeere was announced on July 29.[14] Natasha Calis was cast as Claire McDeere, Mitch and Abby McDeere's daughter. Parker had previously played Calis' mother in the 2011 Lifetime film, Gone.[26] Then, Tricia Helfer and Shaun Majumder were added in recurring roles as Alex Clarke and Andrew Palmer on August 19 and 22.[17][27] As of 22 August 2011[update], the show was under production.[28] Although mostly shot in Toronto, the production has included other host cities such as Washington, D.C.[29] As of 3 November 2011[update], eight of the 22 episodes had been shot, according to Grisham.[30]

Both the novel and the film recount the story of an upstart attorney who unknowingly was hired by an organized crime enterprise's legal team.[19] He became a whistleblower to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and brought down the corrupt Memphis law firm with Chicago mob ties. The TV series begins as the McDeere family emerge from witness protection to encounter old and new challenges.[32] The novel sold seven million copies.[19] The film starring Tom Cruise grossed over $158 million ($296 million in 2021 dollars[33]) domestically and $111 million internationally ($270 million worldwide in 1993 dollars).[34][35] It was the largest grossing R-rated movie of 1993 and of any film based on a Grisham novel.[36] The week the film was released, Grisham and Michael Crichton evenly divided the top six paperback spots on The New York Times Best Se

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