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Cameron Love

Although the popular Netflix reality show helped them to find love, it also thrust them into the spotlight, even after the cameras stopped rolling. Neither of them expected to find fame, or to be sources of inspiration to so many people. However, Lauren and Cameron are learning to adapt to all of the attention, while still staying connected to each other. Now, fans can discover the reasons why the two reality alums are considered the exception to the rule in the challenging world of reality TV relationships.

Lauren and Cameron each have their own Instagram accounts, which help them to connect with fans. Although not everything is always what it appears to be on social media, there is no doubt that their love for each other is authentic. Their accounts document just how far they have come, and the growth of their marriage. They continue to keep each other at the center of everything, no matter what they are doing.

"It was a sigh of relief knowing that Cameron was the person he was on camera but even better," Speed says. "He pays attention to detail. He's sweet. He's loving. He goes above and beyond to really let me know that I'm loved and valued. That was super important because it's like, now that the cameras are gone, is he going to flip and turn and be like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"

Knowing this, it's not surprising things are relatively smooth sailing for the couple these days. They're even taking the sudden fame in stride. "It's been really positive," Speed says. "All the comments that we've gotten have been love and support and people saying how we inspire them and that our love is giving them hope, which is great. The fact that our love makes people excited, it makes us even more excited about it."

Cameron was born May 8 2004 to the parentage of Dandra Moody and Cameron Love. He was raised, loved, and doted upon by his wonderfully amazing mother until he was again with our Lord and savior.Cameron began his educational endeavors at JP... View Obituary & Service Information

In response, Hamilton said he finds it's "ultimately a blessing to have children, even if they have to face certain hardships, even if they're discriminated against," and that he, Speed, and their parents will provide as much love and support as they possibly can.

A pod success! After an effortless connection on Love Is Blind season 1, Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton continue to prove that love truly is blind.

Cameron was designed with our iconic Tommy in mind. She features our classic, deep plunging neckline and our signature figure-hugging skirt that we know our MWL Girls love. Cameron is offered in our classic ivory and features hand beaded, 3D lace and an intricate Chantilly lace underlay.

Faced with no alternative, Cameron pleaded with John to spare her, claiming that she had run a test and is "fixed now". John hesitated at her words, considering the possibility that she might be telling the truth, but Sarah's presence helped clear his head. When it became apparent that he was not listening to her pleas, Cameron started to panic and began begging him for mercy, repeating her previous claims of being "perfect". John removed her shock dampener, however, and was poised to remove her chip too, but Cameron stayed his hand by screaming "I love you" repeatedly. John was visibly taken aback by her confession, but this only served to harden his resolve and he removed the chip without further ado, collapsing on the hood as emotional exhaustion took hold.

With Cameron disabled, both Sarah and Derek strongly advised her destruction but John kept Cameron's chip safe with him and angrily argued against their plans. Sarah was able to convince him, however, and they took Cameron to a remote location with the intention of burning her with thermite. En route, John carefully cleaned the chip and Sarah reminded him that everything Cameron told him was a trick; that machines cannot feel love. To this, John simply replied (while continuing to clean Cameron's chip): "I know that, mom."

With the revelation of Riley's murder, John's trust in Cameron's word was tested once again as Sarah was adamant that she was to blame. After a testing conversation with Cameron, he remained trustful of her word and defended her from Sarah's accusations. When Sarah listed the lies Cameron had told them, she also questioned Cameron's declaration of love to John. This caused him notable distress which left him speechless for a long moment before he regained his composure and angrily shouted at his mother, telling her she knew nothing.

He and Cameron later visited Riley's foster dad with the plan to stage a call from Riley (Cameron) to the foster dad. During the call, however, Cameron deviated from the plan by asking to speak to John. He tried to hint for her to hang up, but Cameron kept him on the line long enough to tell him (in Riley's voice) that she loved him. John's reaction to this is mixed, as he initially seems pleased by her words, but upon meeting her outside he had become angry with her and demanded she explain herself.

Who doesn't appreciate a unique love story Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton's relationship began on Netflix's dating reality series Love Is Blind, and there's no denying that the two have found happily ever after together! Not only did they seem to instantly connect while chatting in their pods (which will be fun to explain to their grandkids one day), but they were one of the first couples to get engaged, only five days into the experience. They may have faced some uncertainty when it came time to meet each other's families, but in the end, nothing could stop them from saying "I do."

However, it's clear that the room both Cameron and Lauren love is their home theater room, with a giant screen taking up an entire wall. As part of the tour, the pair had their season of Love Is Blind queued up, and they reflected on their romance journey. 59ce067264

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