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Imagine waking with energy and focus, enjoying a day of calm and serene balance, happily present and engaged with your life. This is what we all want and this is what matters. Discover the choices you can make to create the balanced and healthy life-style that's right for you.


Meet Mindful Yoga

 with Deby Sweatt

Let your breath calm your body.

Actually your breath is the only tool you have to talk to, calm and put your body at ease. Practicing pranayama, the breath work that effortlessly ties your body and mind together, is one yogic tool that is like a conversation that gets better and simpler with time. This conversation is extremely productive and with practice brings an awareness of ease to breathing, and life.

Join me and learn the 8 tools of a balanced healthy mind and body as we explore the yogic lifestyle.

Mindful Yoga was founded to empower you to live a calm and balanced, happy and healthy life. 


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The Yoga House, Hot Springs, AR


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