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Dear Yogi's

Hi. I miss you all. And think of each of you at different times during my days.

Here it is June 2nd and here I am saying it again, let’s see what the next couple of weeks looks like.

Right now Emergent Arts is not open to yoga, and they always close to the public in July. My cute cozy studio is too cozy. The health dept is telling studios in LR that they need 12 feet around each participant. The studios are doing on-line sign up for each class, no equipment at all used, with a come in and go to your spot immediately before start of class rule. Breathwork and twisting is discouraged so as not to breathe in someones direction, masks on by all until class time begins, and worst of all … no touching … so

My quandary is I don’t want you to forget me and I don't want to forget all the significant little details that make you to me. I want our relationships to continue to grow as our practice together grows.

For now, life is yoga and yoga is life. Be mindful and grateful of the things that matter right now. Be open, breathe!

Peace and love, Namaste.

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