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A Grin and a Squeeze

Yearly special occasions tend to sneak up on us and yet they are, well … yearly. All of a sudden someone special is having a birthday and we aren’t ready. Or it’s the “new year” and yet we have rationalized all year that we are going to make this change or that one. Or worse yet, our birthday is coming and the pressure of watching the years whiz by magnifies our hopes for the future. But generally we grab that gift and wrap it pretty and there, done! Or we give a bit of thought to the coming new year, maybe even grab those old walking shoes out of the closet. We may even plan a summer vacation, a few days planned out of the 365 days the new year will offer.

I recently heard a podcast by John O’Donohue. Part of his life he spent as a priest and he said one of the best experiences was at the deathbed of a man who passed very quietly with a smile on his face. When Father O’Donohue ask the man what he thought now that he was at the end of his life the man smiled a big grin and replied, “I gave it a hell of a squeeze!” This man, as he was passing, said that he had “squeezed” every bit of life out of his short time on this earth. What a testimony! There was no, “I wish…” or “I should have…” told to his priest only the grin of an old man pleased with what he had tried to do.

And here is my point. A dream is just that, a dream. A dream or goal with a plan begins to put feet to your ground. Try it. The outcome is not important but the trying is, so list 3 long range dreams/goals. From there list what needs to be done over the next 6 months. Then break those steps into what can be done this February. Just try! The outcome is irrelevant. If you decide you want to learn to belly dance this year, write that down! Begin this month to find a class, maybe research some history. Then plan to rearrange your schedule, join a class… and right now, begin to move your hips and tell yourself you are a belly dancer! A dream with a plan takes shape. I know this sounds simple and silly, but your mind believes what you tell it: that’s proven science stuff, people! And what else is science is that none of us are going to be here forever, and on our pass-over bed I hope we are all smiling that big grin knowing we gave life a hell of a squeeze!

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