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Tending the Gut Garden

My husband has at least 3 large compost “bins”, (areas), in my front yard and he meticulously tends and defends them! His gardens are made up entirely of this harvested “black gold”. Working out there with him this morning I began to think about this recycling/reusing/renewing process. Having a healthy turnover, from compost to garden harvest and back to compost is the goal.

Now bear with me but our gut has a whole composition, or “garden”, of living organisms; about 100 trillion to give you an estimate! that’s a number 10x greater than our whole body of cells! Our microbiome garden plays a huge roll in the functioning of our entire body, brain to toe! (Ask me, this topic allows me to talk passionately!)

The point here is that if we feed our garden healthy, our garden keeps us healthy! How does your garden grow?

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