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No Pretense

My webpage says, and I quote, “classes resume March 30th”. I just saw it and remembered it was a simple idea that we would be down for 2 weeks… tad longer? eh?

My first and maybe only words should be, “wow”. But…

For one brief and smuggish second I once upon a time had the thought that went along the lines of, “we’ve got this, this is what we have practiced: finding happiness from within, choosing our actions as opposed to re-actions, breath work, listening to our bodies, and many other coping skills for ourselves and as the leaders for our homes.

I now see that even from the beginning and all along the way I have been setting up arbitrary time sections to manage the blank ‘unknown’ calendar dates. It started as, “ In 2 weeks I’ll know something,” then “Ok, the month of April…”, and now “people are getting out, need to wait thru”.

Here’s the thought garden:

When John first began to talk of this virus we knew we would deal with the fact that he would be vulnerable to contracting and carrying the virus. As more and more info became available we learned that John has a risk factor, other than age, that increases his chances for morbidity. His only statement to my pleading, “retire now” was “now is not the time, forge ahead”. Lovely reminder that I got what I wanted in a partner.

I don’t want to be the carrier of the virus. The horrid thought of causing someone's last few earthly hours to be alone because of this virus and my participation in its spread haunts me.

We are all in such different places right now. Some of us are in isolation (since March 13). Some of us are finding happiness everyday in the slower pace and some are anxious and fretful. Some have been working, working differently, not working, needing to work, needing to see parents… Some of us are dealing with worry for ourselves or loved ones. So speaking to you all, with no pretense wh

at so ever…. and wherever you are today, I don’t know what to do! No pretending I do, cause I don’t, and that is alright. I’m

personally learning that one foot in front of the other, doing the next right thing is all that is necessary. And, it’s true,

“we got this”. Whatever “it” is we just need to breathe and keep breathing. How many times have you heard, “yoga is a lifestyle”. Well, some days you are in control and some days you are sitting and watching the clouds roll away. But it is your lifestyle, your yoga, own it.

Let’s see what the May activities bring, and be content with where we are right now, cause all we really know is how quickly things can change!

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