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WORK Holdemresources Calculator Key

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WORK Holdemresources Calculator Key

Purchased keys are valid for two active installations. The license system will attempt to detect inactive installationsautomatically, so hardware replacements usually don't require any additional actions.If you receive an error message regarding too many active machines, contact for a manual reset.

You can access the subscription management at "Help: Registration: Manage Subscription" directly inthe software. A link for subscription management is also included in the order-confirmation mail.(In case you lost your link, please contact for assistance.)

In his latest video, Gareth James takes a look at the brand new HoldemResources calculator, and comparing it with the Simple Preflop Holdem tool. He runs through a spot analysing ranges from both tools, looking at the differences and similarities

The spot I look at is where it folds to Hero on the Button playing around 20bb effective against both blinds and we want to work out which hands we should jam and which hands we should minraise. Later on I look at the SB and BB responses to a Button minraise.

Even though the calculators in this section cover some disparate topics, we decided to lump them together for a couple of reasons. First, they share the common feature that they require the input of numbers rather than hands or ranges. As such, they are often used alongside equity calculators and other tools. Second, Red Chip Poker and our sister site have collectively produced a large number of these spreadsheets that we feel fit together logically as a suite of tools.

One of the first steps to poker enlightenment is a recognition of the importance of fold equity. The fact we can win a pot without having the best hand is a central feature of the game. Knowing how often you need your opponent to fold is a key part of this process, hence we built a calculator to find that number. The relevant principles and applications are outlined in the video below, followed by the link to the calculator itself.

One way of getting comfortable with these tools is to practice employing them through quizzes. This is one reason why we brought together all our calculators in one place, along with quizzes and other resources that will help you understand the tools and thus the mathematical foundations of poker.

As NLHE theory developed a full framework for studying a mature, strategy-based game, practitioners soon realized the only sensible way to analyze it was as a confrontation between hand ranges. Poker software rapidly caught up with theory, so that now there are many tools that allow range vs range analysis. All of these tools can also handle hand vs range and hand vs hand equity calculations, since these are effectively subsets of the broader range vs range case. Again we emphasize our intent here is not to review nor to compare products, but simply to give the reader an overview of their functionality.

Flopzilla by itself most readily handles hand versus range situations, although with some ingenuity it can be compelled to do range versus range. Fortunately a free add-on, HoldEq, is designed specifically to easily incorporate range versus range work. Additional features include the ability to weight hands within ranges (maybe you figure an opponent 3-bets 99 50% of the time). Despite the name, the program can also calculate turn equities. Flopzilla has a free 7-day trial to allow you to experiment with the software before buying it.

The first game theory optimal (GTO) solvers/calculators applied to NLHE were restricted to short-stack situations, the simplest case being the determination of preflop push-fold ranges. Because of this they were mostly used by tournament specialists. While this element of solvers is still important, extension to deeper-stacked, multi-street analysis has unlocked the GTO world for cash-game players too.

Another preflop Nash calculator most usefully applied

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