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How To Combine Mods In Skyriml


Well, I just solved it.It is necessary to have "Mod B.esp" upper in the list of mods in Tes5Edit than "Mod A.esp".I'm not exactly sure how to do that, but after few trys (changing file names etc), I managed to do that and it is workingHope you will understand

Bethesda role playing games using the Gamebryo engine, including The Elder Scrolls games (TES4 and TES5) and Fallout games (Fallout 3, Fallout NV, and Fallout 4), have a limit of 255 plugins (roughly 140 for Fallout New Vegas). While this may seem like a lot, most heavily modded games need more plugins than allowed with this limit. This small guide outlines the primary methods for merging existing plugins and for creating plugins that merge conflict resolutions and content for multiple mods.

There are multiple methods that can be used to merge all or portions of esp plugin files to allow large collections of plugins to fit inside the plugin limit of Bethesda games. Some of these methods create or merge compatibility patches for multiple mods using a single esp plugin, thus reducing the need for multiple esp plugins to provide compatibility patches for various pairs of mods.

Until recently the only tools that could provided automatic merging of mods for Bethesda games were TES4Gecko which automatically merges Oblivion plugins, and FNVPlugin which merges Fallout New Vegas plugins.Mators Merge Plugins provides very capable mod merging tools that can be used across all the Bethesda games that are much more capable than any older merging tools. The x in xEdit stands for the first three letters of each of the separate editors for each of the Bethesda games. Merge Plugins requires the most recent version of xEdit which is available at the Fallout 4 reference above.

This guide does not cover the use of patches created by SkyProc or other similar tools. In Skyrim, SkyProc is used by several active Skyrim mods (e.g., ASIS, Dual Sheath Redux) to create mod-specific patches.

Mator's Merge Plugins utility can be used to merge theoretically any installed mod with any other installed mod following "The Rule of One", which requires that the behaviour of the assets after the merge are identical to their behaviour before. This includes mods containing Papyrus scripts (.pex files), NAVM/NAVI (navmesh) records and FormIDs (new objects created by the plugin).

For mods that don't create objects used by other mods that aren't being merged, the resulting merged mod should be free of any problems. Examples of mods like this are (note the examples are old and will be replaced shortly with some newer examples)

The current version of the Merge Plugins utility can also merge mods without changing the FormIDs, thus preserving the capability to use items in these mods without the need to revise all the mods that use these items. This also preserves items that already exist in saved games.

The Merge Plugins utility also works well with mods that provide items like armor and clothing. The only issue with these mods is that if the mods being merged change sufficiently when updated then a new merge of the underlying mods might not preserve all of the objects in a players inventory, as discussed in the Q: My hair's gone! My armor's gone! My weapons are gone! My face is gone!!WHAAATTTT!!!! question in the FAQ for the older script version of the mod. This won't be an issue if FormIds were not renumbered.

Merges of mods with conflicts uses the standard Rule of One approach that is also used in the Bethesda engine itself. The latest loading plugin that affects each object will be included in the merged plugin. A check for conflicts can be done manually by looking at the records and sub-records in xEdit or by using the Conflict Filters capability in xEdit described in section 4.3 of the FNVEdit Training Manual.

If the plugins being merged are compatibility patches, particular care must be taken since these patches typically need to load later in the mod load order and because there might be conflicts

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