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Desanka Maksimovic Prica O Raku Krojacu Prepricavanje Free

Desanka Maksimovic Prica O Raku Krojacu Prepricavanje >>>

Desanka Maksimovic Prica O Raku Krojacu Prepricavanje Free

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Desanka Maksimovic Prica O Raku Krojacu Prepricavanje: A Beautiful Fairy Tale About a Crab Tailor

Desanka Maksimovic was a famous Serbian poet and writer who wrote many poems and stories for children. One of her most popular fairy tales is "PriÄa o Raku KrojaÄu" or "The Story of the Crab Tailor". This fairy tale tells the story of a crab who lived under a big shell in the river and was renowned for his tailoring skills. He made beautiful clothes for all the insects, butterflies and fish in the area, using pearls, shells, colorful sand and river silver. He never let go of his red sharp scissors and he was helped by his little crab sons who collected the material for him.

One day, the fish decided to have a party in a big whirlpool near the shell where the crab tailor lived. They all ran to him to ask him to make them new clothes for the party. The pike wanted a gray-green dress with sequins and mother-of-pearl fans, the trout wanted a colorful dress with yellow, red, white and blue dots, and the perch wanted a yellowish-green suit with black stripes. The crab tailor agreed to make them all and took their measurements.

While he was working on their clothes, the fish prepared the whirlpool for the party. They cleaned the bottom of the mud and sprinkled it with pink shells and moss, they cut the high grass on the shore to let the moonlight shine on the whirlpool, and they hired a frog band called "Croakus" to play music for them. Just before evening, they went to the crab tailor to see how their clothes were doing. But when they got there, they saw that the big shell where he lived was rolled aside and his little crab sons were wandering and crying in the murky water.

"What happened Where is the crab tailor" shouted the frightened fish, sensing some trouble.

"Some children who were catching crabs here took him away in a bag," answered the little crabs through tears. "We will never see our dear father, the crab tailor, again."

Then the trout and the perch and the pike started crying too. They felt sorry for the poor crab who had suffered, but even more because he had not made their clothes for the party. The little crabs, seeing how the fish mourned their father, became even more sad: "We had just brought him pearls, shells, river silver and colorful sand and he had started to string them on threads, but those naughty children took him away forever."

Hearing the cry of the little crabs and fish, frogs and snakes and all other inhabitants of the river came running to see what was wrong and so there was a general sorrow.

This fairy tale by Desanka Maksimovic is a touching story about friendship, loyalty and compassion. It shows how even animals can have feelings and care for each other. It also teaches children to respect nature and not harm living creatures. The fairy tale is written in a simple and poetic language that appeals to young readers. It has been translated into many languages and adapted into various forms of art. 9160f4acd4

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