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the parameter values for generating the seven-dimensional orthographic lexicons of "taking a class" and "refraining from drinking" are listed in table 3. the "digit"-letter pairs in the base words and the "number"-letters of base words "taking a class" and "refraining from drinking" are used to generate orthographic lexicons that represent the meanings of "taking a class" and "refraining from drinking" respectively. these seven-dimensional orthographic lexicons can be used to generate three-dimensional orthographic word space representations. the above orthographic lexicons were firstly published in 2011, the 2012 lexique of liu ( ).

it is a challenge for each reader to choose an ideal ebook, and this choice depends on various factors. these factors can also be used as a purpose for choosing an ebook. when choosing an ebook, one has to consider the following: the novel genre, the medium of the novel, and reader preference.

like the sentence, word, or lexical features, the structures of books differ a lot. when choosing a novel to read, one must consider these things. first, one must consider the novel genre, because a novel often has a specific genre. second, the medium of a novel also depends on the novel genre. if one reads a novel written in poetic prose or with an informal style, the reading experience will be more pleasant than if one reads a novel in an emotionless style. third, the reader preference must be considered. the reader preference also varies according to the novel genre. a novel that interests a reader is generally not the same as a novel that others admire. 3d9ccd7d82


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