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[S19E9] Collective Memory

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[S19E9] Collective Memory

The episode averaged 10.15 million viewers, winning in its time slot[2] and receiving a 12 percent audience share.[3] The episode follows Homer's attempts to recall a deliberately forgotten memory from the previous night. Maggie Simpson doesn't appear in the episode.

One winter morning, Homer wakes up in a pile of snow and does not remember the events of the previous day, commenting that he must have drunk heavily the night before. Homer goes home and finds his family absent and Santa's Little Helper attacks him, though Homer manages to subdue him before escaping. Homer travels to Moe's, where Moe informs him that he was there the previous night and wanted to forget an unpleasant memory. Moe explains he gave Homer a "Forget-Me-Shot", which wiped out the last 24 hours of his memory. Chief Wiggum tells Homer that there was a domestic disturbance at his house last night, which was reported by Ned Flanders. Homer instantly receives a flashback to the night before, showing Wiggum questioning Marge about a black eye she had received, to which Marge nervously replies that she walked into a door.

At the Flanders house, Homer asks Ned what he has done last night; Ned admits that he does not know, but assumed the worst. A still confused Homer goes home, where a picture of Marge causes a flashback of her pleading Homer to stop, and then rubbing her eye in pain. Horrified at the thought of hurting Marge, Homer goes to Grampa Simpson for help. Grampa tells Homer about Professor Frink's new machine that helps people sort through their memories. With the help of this technology, Homer sees himself walking in on Marge with another man in an allegedly compromising position. In the flashback, Marge tells Homer that she did not want him to find out about it, so Homer decides to use Bart and Lisa from a memory of a snow day to help him unmask the man's identity. During their journey, Bart beats up 10-year-old and 20-year-old Homer in flashbacks, and accidentally destroys the memory of Homer's first kiss, who Bart says was with Apu. With their help, Homer is able to jog his memory, which reveals the man to be Duffman. Homer then concludes that Marge was cheating on him with Duffman, resulting in him beating his wife in retaliation.

Homer now considers his life to be worthless and decides to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. He begins to reconsider, but is pushed off by his "guardian angels," Patty and Selma. While falling, Homer's life flashes before his eyes. He then sees the full memory of the preceding night: Marge was planning a surprise party for Homer finishing his community service, and did not want Homer to find out about it. Duffman, who was hired by Marge to entertain at the party, brings out a bottle of Duff Champagne. Overjoyed, Homer tries to open the bottle, while Marge pleads with Homer to stop, as she wants to save it for the party. The cork flies off and hits Marge in the eye. The flashback ends and, instead of falling to his death, Homer lands on a moon bounce, which is at the surprise party on board a ship.

The episode's title and the plot of Homer trying to erase an unpleasant memory refers to the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.[6][7] Homer's life appears in the form of a YouTube video, which is a spoof of Noah Kalina's "Noah Takes a Photo of Himself Every Day for 6 Years", which features the like-titled piano music of Carly Comando's piece "Everyday" featured in the original video.[7][8] Scrat, the squirrel from Ice Age, makes an appearance trying to catch an acorn off a tree, but is beaten and swatted away by Groundskeeper Willie.[6] Krusty states that he was trying to do a "Don Rickles about Arabs" but it turned into a "Mel Gibson about Mexicans", referencing the incident when Gibson ranted and yelled anti-Semitic slurs, along with Rickles' history of making jokes about every race and religious group he can come up with but remaining funny and popular anyway.[6] 59ce067264


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